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We have built an international reputation for innovative ideas, flexible, efficient service, and high performance products. We always take the long-term view in our relationships with our clients, and as a result can boast success stories all over the globe. Here are a few of those stories:

Millennium Partners, LLP
  • Millennium Partners, LLP hired us to develop an Order Execution System to interface with NYSE/SIAC using the Common Message Switch (CMS) interface standards. Our solution required systems analysis and design, development and testing (multi-threading programming & x25 API interface modules) programming in C & Perl on Sun Sparc II running Solaris OS. We also programmed a Sybase/SQL database Server, created an interface to Real Time Market data feeds. We developed a Windows NT Order Execution client interface using VB 6.0, MS Access, Office 2000 & SQL Server 6.5.
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)
  • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), a New York City Student Mentoring non-profit organization, hired us to re-design their Student Career Program database and to design & develop a sophisticated Student Management System with controlled access to system functions.

  • We delivered a system running on Windows 98/NT using VB 6.0 & MS Access 2000.
IBJ Whitehall Bank
  • IBJ Whitehall Bank hired us to take over and complete the development of a SWIFT messaging system. This project had already begun, but was stalled due to time constraints and technical difficulties experienced by previous consultants. The implementation of a reliable system was of the utmost importance to our client. We conducted a comprehensive systems analysis, created an application design, and successfully programmed using C++ using Oracle database on NT. We also developed a Windows 3.1/95 NT remote dial-in client interface system to RS6000/Unix files using VB 4.0.

  • Also for IBJ Whitehall Bank, we developed a Departmental Communication and File Distribution server responsible for transferring files between various heterogeneous platforms. This system, running on an NT server was developed using Visual Basic and MS Access & Office 97. And third party communication suites.

  • We also developed a Mutual Fund Accounting System Interface, consisting of 3 independent sub-systems, used to generate Client reports, and to store and forward these reports to clients in 5 countries.
Union Bank of Switzerland
  • Developed a Sun based order execution system and Windows NT order execution client similar to the one described for Millennium Partners.
Paine Webber
  • Paine Webber asked us to develop an interface for a Client Reference System, accessing DB2 database on the mainframe. We customized the software using VB 4.0 (object/classes), NT4.0 and CICS Client, as well as Tangent ISPACE and third party tools.
IBJ Schroder Bank
  • Took over and completed the development of a SWIFT Message System.

  • Performed systems analysis, application design and programming with C++ in an Oracle database running on Windows NT.

  • Developed a Windows 3.1/95/NT remote dial-in Client allowing remote access to RS6000/UNIX files by using Visual Basic.

  • Developed a file conversion system providing an interface between IBJS Trading Systems and their clients. The system was developed in C/Korn Shell on an RS/6000 running the AIX operating system and used a GUI interface to update the UNIX files. Development of this interface used Visual Basic, MS Access and a 3rd Party FTP DLL.
Jennison Associates
  • Jennison Associates hired us to custom develop a Document Imaging System to integrate with Key File Image Server using API. We conducted a full systems analysis, customized an application design and programming using VB accessing a Oracle database on an NT, and also wrote a DLL to modify Adobe PDF file format using C/C++. We then provided Jennison Associates with Project Leader supervision in the process of implementing the new system, ensuring its reliability and performance.
New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority
  • New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority, in Sydney Australia, hired us to developed and maintained a Client/Server based Bridge Inventory System. This was a legacy Windows 3.1 application developed using, ODBC, MS Access 2.0 and VB 3.
Thinkworks! Pty Ltd.
  • Thinkworks! Pty Ltd., a marketing, direct mailing and fulfillment company, also in Sydney Australia, hired us to developed and operate Themis application, a marketing database system developed using Ingress 4GL and C. The operating environment was a Sun Sparc II running Solaris and Ingres database.
Department of Administrative Services,
Canberra Australia
  • Department of Administrative Services, Canberra Australia, hired us to Provided Ingress database and UNIX systems administration as well as technical support for an accounting system located in the "mid-range section" of the Department of Administrative Services.

BellComp Technologies completed each of these assignments quickly and effectively. Due to our expertise, reliability and creative design, we were able to provide these clients with a sense of security and satisfaction in the performance of their systems. We promise to do the same for you.


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